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    It’s Turkey Time! Can my pet celebrate Thanksgiving with me?

    Nov 20 2014

    Delicious food, great company, and beautiful fall foliage come to mind when most people think of Thanksgiving.  But it’s important to keep in mind that when we have pets, it…

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    Do cats need enrichment too?

    Nov 04 2014

    Cat Enrichment Everyone knows that dogs need enrichment in their environments. We provide dogs with multiple toys, training, and walks to keep them happy and less destructive, but what about…

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    There’s a Witch at Our Door! Halloween Safety Tips for Our Pets

    Oct 22 2014

    While Halloween is a fun night for many, it can be extremely scary for our four-legged friends.   We’re sharing some tips to help keep your pet safe and sound, allowing…

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    Pumpkins, skeletons, and vampires…oh my!

    Sep 29 2014

    As the weather starts to cool off and we head into the peak of tick season, we thought it would be a good time to review some information about fleas,…

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    Would you kiss me on the lips?

    Aug 04 2014

    Have you ever broken a tooth?  You probably ran straight to the phone and called your dentist’s emergency line to get yourself an appointment to have it fixed right away. …

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    Summertime safety tips from the AKC

    Jun 30 2014

    Every summer, we read about (or see) a dog (or cat) who has been left in a vehicle during the hot weather or who has jumped out of a moving…

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    Heartworm disease? In Central New York? Really?

    Jun 23 2014

    What is heartworm disease, and why should I think about it in my pet? How are heartworms transmitted? It’s cold in Central New York in the winter—do I need to…

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    We’ve got the ability to blog…so now what?

    Jun 15 2014

    As we’ve gotten our website up and running, and hopefully (but not likely) worked out the bugs and mispellings, our practice has discussed the blog feature offered to us with…